So many books, so little time

There probably won’t be a review or book talk post this week because of real world concerns, but in the meantime, here’s my to-read pile:


guess it’s good I got rid of cable

That oughta keep me busy for awhile. Keep an eye out for my review of The Painted Girls next week, along with an update on my Nebula reading challenge. And remember to check out Short Story Sunday. I hope you all are liking that feature as much as I am!



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2 responses to “So many books, so little time

  1. That’s a nice pile of books you have there. I noticed a book by John Scalzi. I haven’t read Redshirts but I enjoyed Old Man’s War and Fuzzy Nation. Have you read those? I think the only other books I’m familiar with are those by Christopher Moore. Hope you have a great time with all of them. -Sam S.

    • hlmorris85

      I was unfamiliar with Scalzi until I picked up Redshirts. It was really enjoyable and a very fast read, so I’ll probably be picking up the rest of his books one of these days.

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