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For another week, this is not a review.

I started this blog to talk about books, but also to review them, and I know it’s been quite awhile since I’ve done that. Basically, I’ve been going through a move and a lot of personal upheavals. It’s not that I’m not reading–on the contrary, being stressed out means I’m reading like crazy, going through a few books a week. But they’re not the sorts of books I necessarily want to review or talk about in depth.

So for one more week, this is not a review.

I figure maybe it’s a good time to talk shop. I started this blog almost three months ago now. I’ve made 24 posts so far, and I enjoy writing, but I’m still not sure how to attract readers, or get you all to talk to me. There are 24 posts, and essentially only one ever gets looked at. It’s the 4th I made. I’m considering deleting it just to see if I can get some accurate stats for once.

Blogging can be a ridiculous endeavor, spewing opinions into the void of the internet. I want to keep doing it, and I want to get better and become someone worth reading. I want to know what you guys are looking for. There are so many types of book reviewers, and book-oriented blogs out there. As readers, what keeps you coming back?

Hopefully next week there will be an actual review in this space. I have short stories laid out for a few weeks, it’s just the rest of the content that’s tripping me up at the moment. But I definitely don’t want to be one of those blogs that updates for a few months and then disappears. I want to be here for a good long while. I know there are things I have to get better at (commenting on other people’s blogs, keeping up with my reading), but I really am striving to make this the best blog I can, and I hope if you are reading this you find something here to enjoy.



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4 responses to “Blog Business

  1. Votre

    I think you are doing everything right. But blogging, like many creative endeavors, simply takes time. And usually much more than we expect

    When I was working as a musician, I was told that you had to do two things to have a successful band. First, make good music. Because quality is never negotiable. Second, it is imperative that the band stay together for three years. Because that was the amount of time it took to gain “the permission of the marketplace” and be recognized as a legitimate act.

    With the advent of the web, times needed to obtain recognition and ‘permission’ have been drastically reduced. But time still remains a significant factor.

    I, for one, very much enjoy reading your well written commentaries. And I hope you will continue with this blog long enough for it to generate the momentum you wish for.


    • hlmorris85

      Thanks so much for the inspiring comment! I’m still very much working things out, but I just want to make sure that the things I’m posting are relevant to people.

  2. Sheela

    hey, I chanced upon this blog rather accidentally & find it interesting. I will keep coming back for more. so keep it at young lady! it’s nice to get some good reviews & then look around for the book you want to read. cheers

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