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Short Story Sunday: Washington Irving’s “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”

sssFirst Line: “In the bosom of one of those spacious coves which indent the eastern shore of the Hudson, at that broad expansion of the river denominated by the ancient Dutch navigators the Tappan Zee, and where they always prudently shortened sail, and implored the protection of St. Nicholas when they crossed, there lies a small market town or rural port, which by some is called Greensburgh, but which is more generally and properly known by the name of Tarry Town.”

I don’t know about you guys, but I am totally in love with Sleepy Hollow. It’s completely bonkers, but in the best possible way, and is definitely my favorite new show of the season. With that in mind, I decided to take a look back at the original, Washington Irving’s “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.” Two decades on, my strongest association with the story is through the Disney cartoon, which scared the shit out of me when I was little. I think I did read the story in high school, but if so I barely remembered it.

Turns out “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” is much funnier than I ever remembered. Irving has a strong eye for setting, but an even stronger one for character, and it is those characters, from hapless Ichabod to mercurial Katrina and boisterous Brom Bones that carry the story.

You can read “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” here.


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Short Story Sunday: Jhumpa Lahiri’s “Brotherly Love”

sssFirst Line: “East of the Tolly Club, after Deshapran Sashmal Road splits in two, there is a small mosque.”

I have not yet got my hands on Jhumpa Lahiri’s The Lowland, but this excerpt, published in the New Yorker, has made me all the more impatient for it. It’s harrowing, and on the long side for this feature, but I felt that I had to share it with you. And if any of you have read The Lowland, what did you think? Share in the comments!

In the meantime, you can read “Brotherly Love” here.

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Top Ten Tuesday: Sequel, Now!


This Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, is all about sequels. These are the sequels I can’t wait to get my hands on.

Good books take time, and readerly patience is a virtue. Most of the time. But sometimes, the wait between books makes me feel like Veruca Salt.


180064561. Lynn Flewelling- Shards of Time (Nightrunner #7)

It’s the last Nightrunner book. And a locked room mystery! And the cover is really really gorgeous. I’m sad to say goodbye to this series, but I’m looking forward to it all the same.

2. Marissa Meyer- Cress (Lunar Chronicles #3)

I am in love with this imaginative YA series. Meyer has written a series of great
heroines, and I have every expectation Cress will be just as awesome. Plus, look at that cover! 13206828

3. Justin Cronin- The City of Mirrors (The Passage Book 3)

I’m not sure that title is correct, but I’m going with what Goodreads says. I HAVE to know how this series ends.

4.Mary Robinette Kowal- Glamourist Histories Book 4

Again, there’s no title or release date for this. But I heard Kowal read an excerpt of it, and it seemed really fun.

134899255. Courtney Milan- The Countess Conspiracy (Brothers Sinister #3)

Every time I get my hands on a Courtney Milan book I just devour it. Absolute favorite romance writer (okay, probably the only romance writer I read, at least regularly.)

6. George R. R. Martin- The Winds of Winter

I’m starting to kind of hate this series but at the same time I have to know how it ends. Write, George, write like the wind!

7. Jo Nesbo- Police (Harry Hole #10) 18142329

I’m currently trying to go through this series in order, so it will probably be a few months before I can get to this one, but I’m really enjoying the whole series

8.  Meg Cabot- Mediator #7

Earlier this year, Cabot said that she’s writing a continuation to her Mediator series. While the series wrapped up really well years ago, I need this book to be real, and I need it yesterday. I love the Mediator books beyond all reason, and also: NON-GHOST JESSE. Gimme gimme gimme.


So that’s only 8, but I really couldn’t make it to 10 on this one. It’s enough stress waiting for 8.

What’s on your list?


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Short Story Sunday: Sunny Moraine’s “Event Horizon”

sssFirst Line: “On Tuesdays and Thursdays we go to feed the house.”

Halloween may have been three days ago, but there’s still time enough for scary stories. “Event Horizon” is a haunted house tale, but not a haunted house tale like any I am used to seeing. And while I wouldn’t call it horror, either, it did manage to scare me witless. Tom, a transperson (and as always, apologies if that terminology is insufficient, I’m never quite sure how to define characters when it’s not explicitly stated), faces all the dangers of being different in high school, pines for the person he loves, and also is obsessed with a homicidal house. The ending gets a bit…I guess, metaphysical for my tastes, but overall this is an incredibly moving, yet chilling, story.

You can read “Event Horizon” here.

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