Short Story Sunday: Sunny Moraine’s “Event Horizon”

sssFirst Line: “On Tuesdays and Thursdays we go to feed the house.”

Halloween may have been three days ago, but there’s still time enough for scary stories. “Event Horizon” is a haunted house tale, but not a haunted house tale like any I am used to seeing. And while I wouldn’t call it horror, either, it did manage to scare me witless. Tom, a transperson (and as always, apologies if that terminology is insufficient, I’m never quite sure how to define characters when it’s not explicitly stated), faces all the dangers of being different in high school, pines for the person he loves, and also is obsessed with a homicidal house. The ending gets a bit…I guess, metaphysical for my tastes, but overall this is an incredibly moving, yet chilling, story.

You can read “Event Horizon” here.


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