Book Talk: Stuck in a Rut

{In which I haven’t finished or enjoyed a book for way too long, and so I babble and use a bunch of gifs.}

Ok, so I guess I’m stuck in a rut.


I usually finish about two books a week. But so far in December I’ve only finished two total, and one was a reread of The Hunger Games, which barely counts. It’s not that I’m not reading. I have an insane TBR pile, and I’m slowly making my way through. But I can’t seem to finish anything, and it’s driving me crazy.

Part of it is that I’ve spent half of this month sitting in doctors offices. Part of it is the holidays– there’s plenty of shopping and baking and wrapping to do. But most of it is that I just can’t seem to find a book that catches my interest for more than two seconds.

The rest of it is that I’m tackling this monster:


When I saw this crazy, crazy title, I knew that I had to check this out. Little did I know that instead of being a parody of any kind, Nietz plays the premise straight. It’s also published by a Christian science fiction imprint, which is a whole breed of the industry I never anticipated existing. As such, it’s fascinating–there’s a lot of interesting culture clashes and philisophical debates going on. But this sucker is long. 622 pages of long, and not in a little mass market either, but in full on trade paperback. It’s like Russian-novel sized Amish vampire adventures, and no matter how much I read it never seems to make a dent.


Plus, while I’m academically interested, it’s kind of…not that good? I honestly can’t decide whether I like it or not, and keep making pros and cons lists. On the pro list, it’s clear the Nietz actually researched and thought about causes and effects of vamparism. It isn’t blanantly anti-science like some Christian titles I’ve come across. And as I mentioned before the culture clash between a very insular, isolated people and the cosmopolitan universe-hoppers they are forced to rely on for help has a lot of interesting dramatic payoffs.

As for the cons. There is a ton of information about the Amish faith, and it is boring as all get out. There’s a reason I don’t read Amish romance after all. And the big one. A character who works on the ship, about halfway through, boldly declares to her love interest that, alone in their athiestic society, she is a Christian. Not one of those crazy wild Amish types. The RIGHT type of Christian. And then she starts to evangalize.


My buttons. You just hit all of them.

I loathe books that preach to me. I want to stop reading. I want to stop reading so much. But I promised I would finish it, and I’m actually kind of interested in how the vampire part of the plot resolves, despite myself. So all in all, I’m thinking way too much about this stupid book and it’s giving me headaches and nothing else on my reading radar seems willing to come to my rescue.


I’m partway through N.K. Jemisin’s The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms for the readalong being hosted by The Little Red Reviewer. And I’m enjoying it. But it is a dense book and I’m finding difficult to get lost in it, or stay reading more than a few chapters at a time. My awesome brother got me a bunch of used books at a used book sale where he lives, but I’m having guilt about ignoring things that have been on my TBR shelf since before I moved–eight months ago. And the library books. Oh god, I’m drowning in library books. All of them I want to read, but none I want to read right now.

So, what do you do when you get into a book rut? Switch up genres? Go back to old favorites? Completely give up and go binge on Scandal?

Yeah. Probably that last one, honestly.



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9 responses to “Book Talk: Stuck in a Rut

  1. I had a tough time getting into Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, too. Wasn’t bad once I got to the end, though. As for fixing the stuck, I switch up genres or, maybe more accurately, style. If I’ve been reading a lot of light/fluffies, I’ll pick up something with death and destruction. It works in a backward way.

    • hlmorris85

      I think I am due for a genre switch, or maybe just some more easy rereads. But the way I go through books is usually so methodical, I prefer to finish one thing before I start the next. So I already feel like I’m reading more things than I should be at once, and I’m so ready to finish.

  2. It sounds like everyone is going through a book rut right now, including me. Maybe it’s the season? Though cold weather should make us want to curl up and read. I’m taking the pressure off and just not reading if i don’t feel like it.

    • hlmorris85

      I know, the cold and the dark totally makes me want to sit around drinking hot chocolate and reading all day. But maybe it’s holiday pressure or something.

  3. I kind of challenged myself to read 125 books through the 2013 Goodreads challenge, and I’m about 6 books away. So reading…whatever I have to do because “failure is not an option?” lol

  4. Have been in a similar rut and so settled for a Korean fable <i.The Hen Who Dreamed She Could Fly which I enjoyed and some non-fiction Zen stories which are bite-sized, but the TBR just isn’t enticing me at all and after a few pages of Henry James What Maisie Knew I just want to sleep. So I picked up Orphan Train and managed it in two days, but it feels as if there is a lack of enticing fiction about or a kind of lethargic vibe affecting the reading habit currently. It’s like movie watching time, only I’m totally out of touch with decent movies to watch as well and would have to fend off kids to use that space 🙂 Maybe its just Christmas approaching and some kind of change occurring out there in the universe. There are always blogs, I have no trouble reading here!

    • hlmorris85

      Yeah nothing seems to be grabbing me in the booksphere right now. Nothing interesting seems to be coming out until spring, right now the only thing new out seems to be gift books. Hopefully once the holidays are out of the way, that will change!

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