Top Ten Tuesday: New Year’s Resolutions


The subject of this Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, is Top Ten Goals/Resolutions For 2014. I’m focusing on both my blog and my creative writing, here.

1. Actually do a Short Story Sunday every week (hah, I can dream).

2. Reach out more to other bloggers through commenting, and respond better to people who comment here.

3. Make myself DNF books I’m not enjoying.

4. Participate in book blogging events (memes and readathons).

5. Host a giveaway.

6. Submit at least 15 different stories to professional markets.

7. Read 100 books.

8. Join a face-to-face writing group.

9. Go to bookstore events in Raleigh and do more than sit quietly in the back of the room.

10. Read genres I’m unfamiliar with.

What about you, any reading goals for the new year? Any suggestions to help me keep my resolutions?

Happy 2014 to you all!



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9 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: New Year’s Resolutions

  1. What is short story sunday?
    Love your goals!
    Here’s my Top 10 if you want to take a look.

    • hlmorris85

      Short Story Sunday is (or used to be-I’ve been slacking!) a feature where I profile and link to one short story every week. When I start up blogging again in February I’m determined to get back to it, cause I love short stories.

  2. Awesome goals!
    I hope you complete every single one ❤
    Good luck!
    Here's Our TTT
    Doris @ OABR

  3. Joining the DNF club is a goal I’m seeing on a lot of these lists. I finally managed to join while slogging my way through a Top 100 novels list. I thought: I’m doing this for fun? So why try to finish a book I’m hating?

    Freedom is sweet. 🙂

    • hlmorris85

      It’s really difficult for me. I have this compulsion to finish everything. It’s partly leftover from when I was a student, I think, and partly because I convince myself that when I quit something I’m quitting right before the part where it’s gonna get good. It’s a really hard habit to break, but I am determined!

  4. I find it so hard to DNF a book, but it is something i’m getting better at. I DNF THE LUMINARIES recently and then it won all sorts of awards. I kind of wondering what I’m missing, but there is only so much time and so so many books out there.

  5. Great list of resolutions! I can relate to quite a few, especially 2, 3, & 8.
    I need to be more active in the blogging world and learn when to just stop reading a book that I am beyond bored with.

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