February Happenings

Well, here we are at February already. Ack!

There is a ton of stuff going on in the blog this month. I’m a stop on the Book of Apex blog tour, and will be hosting an author interview and guest post. I’ve got some great books in the pipeline for review. And for the last week of the month, The Bastard Title is turning into a foodie blog, celebrating cookbooks! I’m kind of obsessed with cookbooks, so I’m really excited about this one.

There’s also a small change to features. I came to realize that a lot of the reason I’ve been slacking off on Short Story Sunday was that I freak out way too much about it. I always feel like I have to say something deep and profound about each story, and it gets kind of exhausting. (There’s not a reason to overthink these things, I just do it. My brain, ladies and gentlemen).

So, from now on, no summaries, no analysis. Just the first line, publication information, and a link. If the first line is enough to hook you, it will draw you in on it’s own, no matter what I say. So now I can focus on finding more brilliant stories to share with you all.

Let’s get back to the books, woo!



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