Review: Book Lovers edited by Shawna Kenney

cover38323-mediumTitle: Book Lovers

Author: Various, edited by Shawna Kenney

Rating: 3 stars

I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 

You know how in my last review, I gave the book flak for focusing too much on sex? Yeah, well in this one I have to give it some flak for not focusing on sex enough. It is an erotica collection, after all, but some of the stories are so aggressively unsexy that I found myself bored and wondering why they were there.

I don’t generally read erotica collections, so I have no idea how to review them. But I try to keep an open mind about reading all kinds of fiction, and I figured a collection about people who are turned on by books and literature was tailor made to appeal to me. Worth a try, right?

Like most story collections, of any variety, Book Lovers is firmly middle of the road. The stories vary so much in quality and interest level that I can’t give it a very high review. But nothing is bad enough to knock it down to a negative review. So all that’s left is to give it a 3.

There are 23 stories in this collection. Some are purportedly nonfiction or more essay-like, and those were definitely the ones that I found the strangest. But when it came to the fiction, there were some good stories. They touch on a pretty wide range of sexual interests. Most involve strictly heterosexual relationships, but four (by my count, though there were a couple of stories where I lost interest before finishing) have same-sex relationships. Unfortunately, it’s a fairly white collection, though there are a few people of color. If you are the kind of person who judges potential partners on their bookshelves, collects books, or loves reading and literature more than most anything else, you will probably find something here that sparks your interest. You just might have to wade through a lot of other stories to find it.


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