Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Authors That I Own the Most Books From


The topic of this Top Ten  Eleven Tuesday, hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, is authors that I own the most books from. Eleven because there’s a four-way tie in there. These are my physical books only, as I didn’t feel like wading through the nook.

1. Jane Austen- 5. Everything but Emma.

2. Fyodor Dostoevsky- 5. What can I say, I love Russians.

3. N. K. Jemisin- 5. I’ve only read three, but that will be remedied soon.

4. David Mitchell- 5. I can’t wait for it to be six.

5. Neil Gaiman- 6. I’ve been kind of cold on Gaiman the past few years, I’m actually surprised it is so many.

6. Jo Nesbo- 6. I’m currently reading my way through all the Harry Hole books, slowly filling in the gaps.

7. George R. R. Martin- 6. A Song of Ice and Fire in paperback, and a hardcover of Dreamsongs that I snagged in a used bookstore for a buck.

8. Tamora Pierce- 8. The Alanna series and the Immortals series. Well, well, well read.

9. Patricia Briggs- 10. I just keep buying Mercy Thompson books for some reason.

10. Lynn Flewelling- 10. All the Nightrunner books and the Tamir books. If I could only keep ten books from my collection it would probably be these.

And, by far the most owned author in my collection:

11. Terry Pratchett- 31 (ish?) Until a few years ago, I was keeping up with the Discworld books. Somewhere at my parents’ house are all the books through Night Watch (or possibly Going Postal), along with the first three Tiffany Aching books. I keep meaning to get back to it one day, but who knows if I ever will. I’m unreasonably proud of owning those all in order, though.

Takeaways: My favorite authors don’t write nearly enough, and also I own way less Murakami than I thought I did.








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7 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Authors That I Own the Most Books From

  1. I own one Neil Gaiman book… and I watch Game of Thrones. Haha! Our lists are completely different! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Here are my Top Ten!

    • hlmorris85

      Nothing wrong with just watching Game of Thrones…I’ve been lugging that series around from apartment to apartment, and as the page count goes up I have to resist the temptation to completely chuck it!

  2. Excellent list. I read Cloud Atlas and keep meaning to read more, but so far that’s still the only one. Here’s my list.

    • hlmorris85

      Haven’t read Mitchell in awhile, but he’s one of my all time favorites. If you liked Cloud Atlas, I particularly recommend Ghostwritten. His others are great, but in my opinion those two are his best.

  3. I totally forgot to include my Tamora Pierce books on my list! I’m not sure where they are, but I have the Alanna quartet, the Immortals quartet, the Protector of the Small books, and the Circle of Magic books. Oh, and Trickster’s Queen.

    I actually don’t own anything by any of the other authors on your list. I’ve always wanted to read Pratchett books but I’ve never read any. It’s practically a crime. I just don’t know where to start!

    • hlmorris85

      The great thing about Pratchett (well, Discworld, anyway) is you can kind of start anywhere. There’s different little mini series’ within the greater series– the night’s watch book, the witches’ books, etc, and starting with one group of them can be a good entry point. But there’s never that much information that has to be revealed in order, so they can be read all jumbled. I think I started with Small Gods. But I know he writes so much it can be kind of intimidating.

  4. Strangely I have Ghostwritten and Cloud Atlas and have read neither – need to make more time!
    Lynn 😀

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