Reading Detox

Post-surgery, I was really excited when I was able to start reading books again (I had grand plans. I was going to write an entire novel during my convalescence, and use the time off work to read all my TBR books. I didn’t count on what anasthesia, pain medicine, kidney failure, and just plain pain would do to my brain. I couldn’t read for over a month). But very quickly, that excitement has turned to dread, as I started to feel all this weird guilt. I’m not reading fast enough, I’m not reading as many books as I should, I have x amount of reviews to get through, I’m hoarding too many library books.


translation: I’m weird.

Thing is, I know it’s ridiculous to feel guilt over reading. It’s not exactly a destructive behavior. But I need to take a break, first to see if I even can take a break, and second so I pay more attention to other parts of my life and get back into balance.

So from August 4th to 10th, no books and no short stories. My TBR pile is overflowing, but I’m going to do my best to ignore it. I don’t know if it will last. The hardest part is going to be at work, which is literally a building full of books. But I’m going to try. And maybe, just maybe, at the end of the week reading will start to feel like a joy again instead of a guilty chore.



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3 responses to “Reading Detox

  1. Sounds like a good plan. Never feel guilty about not reading. Especially with an excuse like surgery!

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