Top Ten Tuesday: Travel Time


The topic of this Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, is ten places books have made me want to visit. I’ve been lucky enough to be able to travel a bit, but I’ve not nearly been to enough places in this world. Luckily, we have books! Books have taken me so many places. Some I hope to see with my own eyes someday.

681x4541. Stockholm Reading The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo was honestly the first time I’d ever really thought about Northern Europe as a destination. They have GwtDT tours in Stockholm, and I’m so lame, but I kind of want to do it.

2. Dublin I’ve been to parts of the UK, but not Ireland. Can’t say I had any real desire to go there, but then I started reading Tana French. Crime novels make me want to explore cities, I guess.

3. Oslo Another set of crime novels, another European city. This one is thanks to Jo Nesbo’s Harry Hole series.

4. India oddly enough, it was The Secret Garden that made me first want to travel to India. The India seen through a priveleged white child’s upbringing is problematic, to say the least, but I’ve since read other books set on the subcontinent that make me really want to see it. Plus, I was supposed to go to Nepal a few years ago and I wanted to travel the whole area while I was over there. That never materialized and I’m still kind of bummed out about it.

5. St. Petersburg I have wanted to visit Russia for a long time, but specifically St. Petersburg. I blame Dostoevsky. St._Petersburg_church

6. Istanbul There’s not any particular literary tie to this wish, other than from history books. And They Might Be Giants. But it seems like a pretty awesome place.

7. Rome History, mythology, the seat of Western culture.

8. Egypt Again nothing specifically literary, again lots of history books. I’m fascinated by Ancient Egyptians, and I’m curious about modern Egypt too. If I had a time machine and could only pick one destination, it would probably be the library of Alexandria. (nerd alert).

9. Venice Most recently, Jane and Vincent’s adventures in Valour and Vanity have made me want to explore the canals, but there are lots of great literary references to Venice.

10. New York City in the 1890s, the 1920s, the 1940s, the 1950s, and on and on and on. It was amazing to me, looking over my goodreads lists, just how many books I’ve read are set in New York City. I don’t particularly like New York City, mostly because whenever I’ve been there I feel like I have TOURIST stamped on my head in red letters, like I’m just off the bus from a Midwest farm. It’s so silly, I lived in Boston for years, cities should not do that to me. But New York does. HOWEVER, if I had that time machine, it would probably be a pretty cool place to expore.



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3 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Travel Time

  1. I want to go to Ireland so bad! I forgot about Egypt! Darn it! Great list!
    Check out my Top 10

  2. Amy

    Love Istanbul! Some great fiction titles set there; Dan Brown’s Inferno, Last Train to Istanbul by Ayşe Kulin, The Oracle of Stamboul by Michael David Lukas and Cybele’s Secret by Juliet Marillier. All of these stories do a great job of capturing the city.

  3. Can’t believe I didn’t think of Russia – I’ve read plenty of books set there and always enjoy them! I really do want to visit – one day!
    Lynn 😀

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