Top Ten Tuesday: Minor Characters Take Charge


The topic of this Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, is Top Ten Characters You Wish Would Get Their OWN Book.

This one is hard. I love sidekicks, but usually it’s because they’re sidekicks, and seeing them in the protagonist’s role doesn’t necessarily sound appealing.

1. Richie Curran- Broken Harbour. Given French’s propensity for circling back to characters, one I’m really hoping to see again is Richie Curran, Scorcher Kennedy’s almost-partner from Broken Harbour. I’m sure he’s cooling his heels in Traffic or something, so I don’t think logically he could ever make it back on the Murder Squad, but I really, really liked him, mistakes and all.

2. Heather & the pizza girlLandline. Oh please please please, Rainbow Rowell, give us something with Heather & the pizza girl. That was pretty much my favorite part of Landline. (Although, it is really, really weird to see your name in print like that. I don’t see a lot of Heathers in literature, so that was an interesting reading experience).


I need more Heathers gifs in my life

3. Wren Avery- Fangirl. Cath was a protaganist I really identified with personally, but I couldn’t help wanting to see into Wren’s brain as she’s falling apart in a very different way than her twin.

4. Caddy CompsonThe Sound and the Fury is one of the most beautiful books in English literature. I love it so much. But I always kind of wished that Caddy got a chance to tell her own story, not just be seen through her brothers’ eyes.

5. Emily and Anjan- The Heiress Effect. I loved The Heiress Effect, and a lot of why had to do with Emily and Anjan. It was the first time I really thought about fiction representing interracial relationships, and how important that is. While their plotline was quite nicely resolved, I really loved them both and wouldn’t mind seeing them at the helm of their own novella or story.

6. Patrick Shaugnessy and Baron Lowery- One of the things I loved about The Suffragette Scandal, and Courtney Milan in particular, is the matter-of-fact way queer relationships were handled. But. You can’t just drop in a relationship like that without giving me more. I haven’t yet read Talk Sweetly to Me, but since the hero of that one is Stephen Shaugnessy, I hope they make an appearance.


7. Thero- as much as I love my Nightrunners Seregil & Alec, I’m kind of curious what a solo outing for Thero might look like. He has a really well developed arc throughout the Nightrunner series, but it would be cool to see him have his own adventures too.

8. Carswell Thorne- I freaking love Carswell Thorne. Like, I would smother him to death with my love. I can’t even deal. (There’s a reason I don’t review books that make me squee and flail). And yes, he is a viewpoint character in The Lunar Chronicles, but I can’t get enough.


9. Bran the Marrok– Of all the various characters that populate Mercy Thompson’s world, I’m still not quite sure how Charles is the one with the spin-off series. I just. Charles. But anyway, I have this weird soft spot for Bran and would love to see something featuring him.

10.Camilla Salander- One of the bummer things about Stieg Larsson’s death was that we never got to see Lisbeth Salander’s twin sister on the page. Apparently she was the polar opposite of Lisbeth, and I would have loved to see a book featuring her.

So that’s about it. Here, have some dancing Baby Groot, and tell me about your favorite sidekicks while you’re at it.




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  1. I’d read a whole book that was just Carswell Thorne, for sure! And while my name is not Heather, I agree that more Heathers gifs should be in the world.

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