Top Ten Tuesday: I’ve Got 99 Problems and Books Are Most of Them


The topic of today’s Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, is Ten Book Related Problems I Have. Mostly they all boil down to one thing: despite being a mostly functioning Real Adult, I have some serious self-control problems, especially when it comes to my beloved books.

1. I will never finish the TBR.

I have a physical TBR, my ebooks TBR, and a Goodreads list full of books that I haven’t even bought yet. If new books stopped being published today I might be able to clean that out in a year or two, but there are always new books to add. It’s good to always have new things to read, but I’m pretty big on organization and planning, so sometimes when I look at my TBR I get a bit twitchy.

2. Movers give me dirty looks, and I am out of shelf space.

Movers hate me and I hate moving because of how much I have to tip them. I rent a two-bedroom apartment despite living alone because I needed room for the books. One of my goals is to eventually have 50% of my library go digital…but let’s be honest, that’s never going to happen. I just love physical books too much to give them all up.


3. What, you mean you don’t have multiple versions of the same book?

I’m actually kind of proud of how rare this is for me. There are a *few* books out there where I have both ebook and physical book. I have not indulged as much as I could. I have also at various points bought a replacement version of a book because I liked a new cover better, bought a second copy of a broken-spined book but kept the first copy because I’m weirdly sentimental, and (just once, thank god!) accidentally bought a second copy of a book because I forgot it was already sitting on my TBR.

4. I’m not allowed to buy new books until a predetermined date. Except for ebooks. And well, nonfiction is ok. And adding that one novel won’t break the bank, right? Oh, it’s turned into five? No big.

I’m constantly setting myself limits and then immediately breaking them. Part of that ties to a bigger issue (since my hospital stint, I am no longer very good at self-denial. I could die tomorrow, so why put off gratification?). But part of it is that ebook sales are murder on my bank account.

5. Working in a library is basically like enabling a drug addict.

Really? Who thought working in a library would be a good idea for me? The plan is to always read the library version of a book first–but more often than not I end up buying a copy anyway. I see all kinds of books come across my desk that I never would have sought out but peak my interest. And at any given time I usually have about 20 check outs (if that doesn’t seem like a lot, remember: organizing, planning, twitchy. Too much stuff to read at any one time gives me panic attacks sometimes).

6. My favorite author wrote a crummy book and now I have to reevaluate all my life choices.

I’m slowly coming to terms with the fact that, even when I don’t always realize it, my tastes do change over time. But whenever an author that I used to love publishes a turkey, I go into this tailspin where I start to doubt my own tastes, try to remember why at some point in my life I liked their earlier stuff, and sometimes I even feel betrayed. Basically I take things way too personally because too much of my life is invested in fiction.


7. I like fictional people better than real ones.

No, really. I do.

I really suck at inter-personal relationships. I suck at people. I can fake it for work, social media doesn’t count, and I have a few close friends that get me, but I like fictional people because I understand them. (Or because I can control them; my writer brain and I have some very complicated relationships with the people in our head).


8. The sequel’s coming out when?

As previously established, I have a lot of books to read. You think that would keep me busy enough, but no. When I get into an established series or world, sometimes all I can do is whine about waiting for the sequels. Writers, why are you not writing on my command, and publishing on my schedule? Geez.


9. My real-world friends never seem to read the same books as I do.

I’m a book pusher. I try not to be, but sometimes I just have to have someone to talk to about a certain book. But most of my friends have (gasp) real lives, and I never get to have the juicy book discussions I want to with them because they’re either not reading what I read or they don’t feel the same way about it.

Sometimes, you just need someone to flail with.

10. I really wish they would make a movie of X…

The book is (almost always better). But I still love to see new versions of my favorite stories on the big and small screens. The problem is that some of my most beloved series aren’t ever going to be popular enough to warrant an adaptation. And for some reason that makes me even sadder than the idea of someone taking a book I love and ruining it.

What are your book problems? Should we start a support group to help each other through? Book Lovers Anonymous?



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10 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: I’ve Got 99 Problems and Books Are Most of Them

  1. Kay

    I had the same problem when I worked at the library. And I was the one at our branch that processed the new books. It was amazing and hard. LOL

    • hlmorris85

      Yep, that’s me! Since I touch pretty much every book in the library before it hits the shelf, I end up with SO MUCH for my reading list.

  2. Working in a bookshop or a library sounds like a dream job but in reality it would be terrible for me! I’d just have even more stacks of books.
    Lynn 😀

    • hlmorris85

      On the plus side I do get more reading time than I would at other jobs. On the negative side, my desk drawer is filled to the top with books I haven’t had time to get to yet.

  3. Oh yeah, I go ahead and hang it up that the TBR will never reach 0. But then I wonder, do I really want it to? HAHA! I have multiple versions of my favorite books too! 🙂 Usually a physical/ebook version and an audio version. YES I can imagine working in a library is like feeding an addiction! And BAHAHAHAHA about the author and the crappy book! I hate when my favorite authors just don’t produce the quality work that I know they’re capable of. I absolutely love your entire list!

    Sandy @ Somewhere Only We Know

  4. I wholeheartedly agree with tastes changing as you read more and more (or just simply going through life). I’m tempted to re-evaluate every single book I’ve ever rated because some books 3 years back aren’t deserving of their 4-5 star status.

    Joey via. thoughts and afterthoughts.

    • hlmorris85

      I now try to prune my shelves periodically based on this. But it still stings when I’ve been waiting years and years for Big Name Author’s next masterpiece, I get through it, and I think “Wait. Why did I like you?”

  5. Great list! I wish I worked in a library — I worked in a bookstore years ago, best job I ever had. I also wish I could talk to my friends more about what I’m reading. I guess that’s why we’re bloggers!

  6. I love your headline and how you worded #4 cracked me up. Movers hate me too. when I move, I always get asked about major furniture….that is the least of their problems after the boxes upon boxes of books the get to shuffle around! Oh, and the never ending TBR-what a dream it is!
    Here’s My TTT

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