March Round Up



In March I read 14 books. This particular bit of insanity, as opposed to last months, is due to anxiety. Anxiety: when you can barely leave the house and don’t like to remember that you are an adult, hey, at least there’s fiction.

Lots of short story collections this month. Stuck to my goal of doing one nonfiction and one for the TBR challenge. Participated in one read along, which I don’t think I’ve ever done before.

Reading Diversity

Three of the authors I read this month were male, eleven female. All, to my knowledge, were white. I am not doing particularly well on the author diversity front at the moment.

Three of the books included QUILTBAG characters in some form, but one in a way that pissed me off so much that I almost threw my nook off the balcony. It was Kerry Greenwood’s Cocaine Blues and I was really disappointed and angered by it. The main character was a sexually liberated woman in the 1920s which would have been fantastic, if Greenwood didn’t decide that she needed to contrast that by having an asexual villain, who of course was presented as evil specifically because she didn’t like sex. If only she was a lesbian, the heroine mused, wouldn’t that be so much better than her being an evil, sexless prude?

Yeah. Won’t be reading any more of that series.


It’s been a pretty flat month for writing because I’m anxious about some things. I submitted one story and have not finished anything. I’m writing every day but it’s usually only a sentence or two. I’m way too much in my own head right now.

Novel 2 is at about 25000 words and sort of stalled. 25-30K words seems to be where I stall on large projects, pretty predictably. I’ll get through it but I’m annoyed. And also predictably, since I’m sort of stuck on Novel 2, I’ve randomly decided to start notes on another long project idea from my idea folder. I like the beginnings of things. I’m still not so good on the follow through.

TV Junkie

I’m so sad about Vikings, guys. First Siggy and then Athelstan. It was beautifully done, but that doesn’t mean I’m not wrecked about it.

The Americans continues to amaze. Scandal continues to piss me off. (If I have to see Fitz and Olivia give each other one more longing glance I’m going to hurl). And I’m waiting not-so-patiently for Mad Men and Orphan Black. That’s about it on the TV front these days.


Sometimes I go to the Movies

Not often. It’s expensive and rarely worth it; truthfully I don’t even like watching movies at home all that much. But this month for my best friend’s birthday I took her to see Cinderella. That is far from my favorite Disney cartoon so I didn’t particularly have high expectations, but for what it was, I ended up adoring it. And what it was was glitter and butterflies and a gorgeous ballroom scene and costume porn and Richard Madden’s dreamy eyes filling the screen for inordinate amounts of time. All wins in my book.

Mix Tape

The Americans got me on a Fleetwood Mac kick so thanks. I’ve also been listening to a lot a lot a lot of Van Morrison. That’s about it for the month of music, nothing particularly new or exciting.

That’s it this time around. I am ready for April and spring.



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2 responses to “March Round Up

  1. I’m sorry about the anxiety, but I am also very impressed by your reading prowess. I only got six done this month oops. And I’m sucking at diversity too! I just requested some African science fiction from the library, so I can get better. Fingers crossed they’ll listen to me. Hope your April is good!

    • hlmorris85

      Well, at least I’m of the opinion that if I recognize where my anxiety/depression comes from, that’s like half the battle won. I’ll get there. And on the way I guess I’ll just read a boatload of books.

      Planning to tackle some new authors this month. So hopefully I can cross off that goal, too!

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