April Round Up



April has been interesting. Not least because I managed to not buy a single book. None at all! Why am I bragging about this on a book blog? Well, I decided that it was irresponsible of me to keep spending money on books when I have so many sitting on the shelf being ignored. And while I didn’t make a huge dent in the pile, my bank account is happier with me than its been for a while.

Of course in May that’s all going to go to shit, but I tried.


I finished 11 books this month. Two were nonfiction, one was for the TBR Pile challenge. My favorite for the month was Station Eleven. 

Reading Diversity

I read one male author and ten female authors this month. Two authors (to my knowledge) were WOC and two of the books were in translation.


Guys. I’m writing Novel of Doom again.

I don’t quite know how it happened. I do know that somehow I spent four freaking months away from this book. But out of nowhere, I suddenly wanted to go back to the world. So I did.

I’ve crossed the 40,000 word mark which is…not a lot, but it’s probably the most words of one thing I’ve ever written, and is actually, coherently novel-shaped (at least, I think). From where I’m at now I’m projecting that I’ve got about 30 or 35 thousand more words left in it. But I’m pumped. I feel like I’m actually getting somewhere. Even if nothing ever comes of it in the wider world, this is a story that has been in my brain for most of my life, so seeing it take actual, rational, coherent shape is amazing.

Short stories have been less cooperative this month. Some random flashes floating around, and on the bigger stuff I never can seem to write a decent ending. Ho hum. Novel thing #2 is shelved for a bit while I ponder research I must do for it. I think I’m going to have to visit Boston. Good job, self, setting a novel in a city you hated living in.


TV Junkie

ORPHAN BLACK IS BACK. I am so, so excited! Only two episodes in so far, but it has been fantastic.

My TV habits have actually paid off extraordinarily well this month. Better Call Saul, The Americans and Vikings all went out on strong notes. Mad Men’s swan song is making me get out of bed each Sunday, Scandal is…look, can we please just make it the Mellie Grant show already?, and Call the Midwife is back, too. Call the Midwife has succeeded in making me cry at least once per episode for four  seasons now. It turns me into an emotional train wreck. And yet I can’t stop watching it.

And then there is Orphan Black. I rewatched the first two seasons before it came back and it was even better than I remembered. And with each new episode, they are definitely pushing things, and I love it so far. I’ll stay vague like that for the time being except I have to say one thing that might push your spoiler boundaries if you’re sensitive so look away now-ish…Alison trying to become a drug lord is probably the most Alison thing she’s ever done and I love it. Out of all the awesome stuff in the past two episodes, that has been my favorite development. Team Hendrix and their ample stones all the way.

About the only thing I’m missing right now is Game of Thrones. But I’m already a season + behind, and I’m starting to think that I’ll wait for the show to reach its end before I go back to finish it.

And that is April. May is going to be a super busy month, with book readings and a convention to attend. And then in June I’m seeing The Decemberists and Newsies in the course of like a week. Busy, busy little bee over here.



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3 responses to “April Round Up

  1. I’m impressed with your writing. 40000 is a lot of words. Keep at it and immerse yourself.

    • hlmorris85

      It’s taken me almost a year (including the long time off), so it’s kind of been like pulling teeth. But I’m really proud of it which is a new feeling with me and my writing, so hopefully the good feeling keeps going 🙂

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