May Round Up


I finished 9 books this month (but I’m super close to finish like four books right now, so June’s going to be a long list. One was for my TBR list. I missed my nonfiction goal this month, but I’m suuuuuuuuuper close to finishing one right now, so next month will probably have two.

Reading Diversity

5 of the books I read were by men this month. One was by a POC. One was in translation and two featured QUILTBAG characters.



TV Junkie

So, Mad Men.

I have a confession to make. I hated the Mad Men finale. Absolutely hated it. I felt like my favorite show of all time had been taken over by fanfic writers. We spent most of the time with Joan (never my favorite character), and Sad Don, and when Peggy/Stan happened, which is something I have literally been wanting for years, it felt so terrible and fake and I just couldn’t stand it.

Sigh. Hopefully I will feel better about it when I see it again. Maybe I’m just being contrary. I hope I am.

In other TV news: wtf Scandal, I am done with you. I finally watched Game of Thrones season 4. It remains problematic, but addictive. I binged the first half of Outlander on Memorial Day and I neeeeed more. (I started to freak out about the cliffhanger thing, and then I was like…wait a minute. I have the book.) I also discovered Fresh Off the Boat on Hulu. And I am pissed at how Call the Midwife ended. Its never been the most subtle of shows and it can be a tad moralizing but I generally find a lot to like in its focus on women’s stories. But then they had to go and do tragic lesbians. No, queer people did not have it particularly easy in the 1960s. Does that mean we have to have a maudlin plotline where one gets hit by a fucking truck and ends up with amnesia two seconds after moving in with her girlfriend? Really?

[I’m still angry.] [And I get too invested in TV].


Sometimes I go to the Movies

…this month it was a lot. May was a really great month for movies. In theaters I caught The Avengers AoU, Pitch Perfect 2, and Mad Max: Fury Road. Loved all of them. Some of the jokes in Pitch Perfect really didn’t land, but those movies remind me of going to a women’s college (even though the college in the films is co-ed), and its all sisterhood and the power of women’s friendships and yes the big number at the end did kind of make me cry. AoU had its problems but didn’t deserve the vitriol the internet gave it. Plus: I’ll take the Falcon any which way I can get him even if it is for a total of fifteen seconds. Mad Max…I never thought I would like a movie like this. Blew. Me. Away. Not so much for the action and car chases, which I’m sure were technically great and will please fans of those things…but for the story structure, and the characterization, and for Furiosa.

May was a good month overall. I hope that June continues the pattern!



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3 responses to “May Round Up

  1. I didn’t hate Mad Men, but I do feel like it didn’t quite stick the landing like Friday Night Lights, Breaking Bad, Justified or The Shield have in recent memory.

    As for it being fan fic, I could see that if Roger and Joan had got together.

    • hlmorris85

      Yeah it just kind of fizzled for me. Although each of the most recent seasons has had some stellar episodes, I kind of wish they had ended back around season four. The fanfic comment just comes from the fact that I think they took subtlety and threw it right out the window. The Stan/Peggy plot in particular felt like suddenly we were in a meet-cute romcom. Fine, but not really Mad Men’s style.

      Anyway. Whining about the end of a pretty excellent tv show is, all things considered, a very first-world problem. So one of these days I’ll get over it. 🙂

      • Mad Men didn’t necessarily have an “end point” that was as well defined as Breaking Bad or The Shield. The show was more character driven and less about clearing up any mysteries or resolving storylines, so I think it had a harder row to hoe than other shows of this era. That said, I still think the finale did a decent enough job, even if we didn’t get a scene with Don and Peggy in the same room.

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