June Round Up



Lots and lots to talk about this month; June was insane. Let’s get down to it.


I finished 10 books in June. But most of them I actually started in May, so I don’t feel like it was that many. (I definitely am working on too many books at once right now, I should stick to one at a time.)

Reading Diversity

4 of the books I read were by male authors. One was a book in translation. Two featured QUILTBAG characters. 1 was nonfiction, and 1 was a reread.


It feels like I spent most of this month working on edits for a short story coming out in Strange Horizons soon (more on that later…insert flailing gif in the meantime.) Thing is that I didn’t, but it just feels that way.

I also…drumroll please…finished the Novel of Doom! 66,000 words, which is on the short side, but hey, it’s a crummy first draft. The exciting thing for me is that I was able to make myself sit down and do it. It took just about a year, though not in actual writing time–for a number of months there, I had the whole project shelved. (This was the novel I thought I was going to be able to write during my recovery, when I was sitting at home from work with “nothing to do.” Hah.)

Next comes revision and finding readers and seeing what I can make of this whole thing, but first it’s sitting in a dark drawer for a month, and I’m going to work on some other projects. Got some short stories I’m excited about that are brewing, and I want to keep working on Novel 2.


TV Junkie

Orphan Black. Aaaaaaaah.

There were some tottering steps this season (there usually are with Orphan Black). I wish they had focused a bit more on the psychology behind the Castor clones, how their self-aware upbringing made them different from Leda, instead of pretty much immediately going out and killing them all. And Cosima’s lesbian dramah…yeah, I’ll pass, thanks. But all in all it was an exciting ride with tons of the great character moments that are the reason I watch it in the first place. (I love especially when they throw together two characters I never would have thought of interacting. Like Helena and Donnie. My favorite moments of the back half of the season were their shenanigans. And what he did for her in the finale…oh my gosh that was adorable.)

I’ve also been watching Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell. Which has really been interesting because I know I’ve read the book, I’ve been carting it around with each move for years, and yet…I don’t remember a damn thing about it.

Sometimes I Go to the Movies

Spy was really funny. Like, I-spent-more-time-doubled-over-in-my-seat-laughing-than-actually-looking-at-the-screen funny. (Ok…not quite. But almost.) It was a lot cruder than I expected it to be, but it was great watching Melissa McCarthy be a total badass. And Jason Statham was ridiculous, which was awesome cause I’m so used to him playing the straight man. Just altogether a great movie.

Mix Tape

June was bonkers good for new music.

First of all: Floooooooooorence. New Florence + the Machine albums automatically go on my favorites list by now. How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful is no exception.

Of Monsters and Men have a new album too. I still listen to their debut all the time, it never gets old. I actually don’t know much about the band, but they make quality music that always puts me in a writing mood, to boot.

And wtf, there’s a new Desaparecidos album? Is summer 2015 the season of unexpected sequels? I had no idea that this album even existed until I stumbled across a review…my 18-year-old self is super happy about it. Without getting into the politics or anything…something in me just loves to hear Conor Oberst scream.


Oh, and one more thing

For my birthday, my mom and I went to see Newsies at the Durham Performing Arts Center.

Newsies, man. Me and Newsies have a history. If I could only watch one movie for the rest of my life, that objectively terrible film would be it, even though I could literally do a shot-for-shot one-woman remake if it came down to it. So I was so excited to see it come to town, and come to town right by my birthday, too. I managed to score front row orchestra tickets. It was spectacular. And even though they changed most of the songs and the story and it didn’t feel as familiar as I thought, it was a great experience. The dancing alone was incredible and worth the ticket. Yay, Newsies!



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2 responses to “June Round Up

  1. Congrats on finishing a draft of your novel. So exciting. What’s it about?

    • hlmorris85

      Thanks 🙂 I’m still working on tightening up my elevator pitch, but basically it’s about a princess who decides she doesn’t want to be the heir to the throne and she doesn’t want to get married, so she runs away looking for adventure and ends up in a whole bunch of trouble. [hey, thanks also for giving me the opportunity to practice that! :)]

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