Full Fathom Five Read Along: Week Two


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1) So Margot too is hoping that Izza can lead him to the Blue Lady. What do you make of his vision? Especially in relation to the nightmares that Kai is having. Do you think they’re related?

So I had initially thought that because of the way she jumped in the pool, Kai would “become” Seven Alpha. Now I’m starting to nebulously revise that. I’m thinking that Izza’s stories of the Blue Lady got sort of tied up into Seven Alpha and gave it it’s proto-consciousness (if I really understood everything which, eh, debatable at this point). So Izza is essentially the creator of the Blue Lady/Seven Alpha and maybe also the embodiment of her? Somehow???

(clearly I am at the part of the book where I feel like the Village Idiot).

2) Teo! Did anyone expect to see Teo? What role do you think she’ll play in the rest of the story?

I did not at all expect Teo, though perhaps I should have with all the other characters popping in. It was interesting to see her character from a totally new perspective from someone who does not love, or even seem to want to tolerate, her. Did anyone else get the vibe she was hitting on Kai? Complicated.

3) Kai is worried that Mara has set her up. Do you think it likely?

Yes. The way Gladstone’s books go? Yes. What she’s been set up for I’m still not exactly clear on.

4) It seems everyone is having discussions of faith with one another. That’s not particularly surprising given the tenor of the books, I know, but still. How does what we’ve learned from Cat and Margot in these chapters affect your feelings on the idea of gods, Craft or Idols that Allie asked?

I don’t think my feelings really have changed. All three options require differing levels of sacrifice, and it sort of depends on who that person is and what they need to determine what level of sacrifice they can give. I definitely there’s a class and cultural basis behind who chooses what option. I think gods-followers and Crafters would each like the world to be totally, completely organized in their way, and Idols are this hybrid force that keeps their fragile compromise standing. Maybe my understanding has deepened but I don’t think I had any major reversals of opinion.

5) We’re getting a better idea of what Penitence means for the people of Kavekana. What do you think of their idea of punishment now that you have a better idea of how it works?

It’s horrific. It also seems to not be really…working…in a sense. As a deterrent, definitely, but if your only option in atoning for some “crime” is to be tortured until you give up or go mad, it does not seem like you can actually make a meaningful change. And that the cost is way too high for the security benefits. It’s unabalanced.

6) Kai has built up an idea of what’s going on, but what do you think happened? Did Margot really steal soul without realising it or is there something else going on?

Yes. Margot does not seem like the kind of actor who could pull of that sort of deception. Now, maybe someone (Mara?) set him and others up to steal soul, so that they could hide it from Kevarian until they could profit. Or maybe Seven Alpha became conscious to the point where it decided what believers to give soul bits to. Or maybe a bit of both.


Whew. It was a bit of an exhausting read, this go-round, huh?

Just a heads up, I will probably be posting the Week 3 questions to the group a bit early, because (hopefully) (*fingers crossed*) I will be taking a surprise weekend vacation. Look for them on Thursday.



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5 responses to “Full Fathom Five Read Along: Week Two

  1. I was definitely picking up ulterior motive vibes from Teo (Kai is a really horrible salesperson), but I hadn’t considered that she might just be flirting! I didn’t really change my mind on the Craft/Gods/Idols front either.

    • hlmorris85

      Hah I really don’t know, something just seemed kind of pointed in the way she said “my girlfriend.” Maybe I was just picking up on Kai’s general aura of awkwardness through the whole interview, though. Teo definitely has something going on and I want to figure out what it is!

  2. Ria

    I love how everybody doing this readalong has different theories about what’s going on. really highlights for me that even though we’re all reading the same book, we’re also all having completely individual experiences with it, and it’s interesting to see what’s going on in our minds as we go through the story.

    • hlmorris85

      Everybody seems to pick up on different things, which is cool. It’s interesting for me to see how my opinions and theories change throughout the course of the book, too. Generally I look at my reading from a purely backward glance, so breaking it down into sections is a fun change of pace.

  3. Definitely exhausting but in the best way! I think this might be my favorite of the books so far :D. And thanks for posting the questions early, I’m flying out tomorrow so it’s great to be able to get the post figured out early!

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