July Round Up



Over halfway through the year already. Whhhhhhhhhat?


I finished 9 books in July. Most of them I wasn’t wild about, although there were a few good reads. One was an audiobook that I took on a long car trip, something I’m still trying to train myself to enjoy.

Reading Diversity

4 of the books I read were written by men, five by women. I think that’s the most even ratio I’ve achieved. One was in translation (The Three Body Problem by Cixin Liu–definitely not my style but I’m glad I tried it out), two were nonfiction, and one was for my TBR challenge.


Working on short stories, racking up rejections, feeling kind of stuck. But I just started a new thing that I’m really excited about. It just feels like it has its own energy. I’m going to shoot for short story because that’s a bit easier to sell, but it might turn into a novella. I think it really wants to be a graphic novel…but I don’t know how to do that. So for now, short story/novella it is.


Ant Man! Guys, I love Paul Rudd. I’ve loved Paul Rudd since I was 11. I’ve aged; he hasn’t. But anyway, it was cute.

At home I watched Ex Machina (Creepy, well-shot, very good but annoyed me for reasons I shall not get into here) and Begin Again (a cute musical thing that was very low stakes but had Mark Ruffalo and was very sweet).


July had a lot of frustrations for me, honestly. Not really related to books/blogging, but just in general. I’m hoping that August will feel like more of a success.



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2 responses to “July Round Up

  1. I wanna know why you were annoyed by Ex Machina!

    • hlmorris85

      It’s a relatively small thing, but I’m oh-so-tired of the ‘silent Asian woman’ trope. I have seen so many films where they cast Asian women and then make her stand around ‘mysteriously’/be a sex object/never, ever have a voice. So that particular element really bothered me.

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