August Round Up



I finished ten books in August. Though two were absolutely massive and felt like three books apiece. Seriously. I don’t keep track of wordcounts, but damn, my eyes are crossed from so much reading.

Reading Diversity

Four of the books were men–but two of them were by the same man, so I don’t know what to count that as. One book was in translation, two were nonfiction, and four¬†featured QUILTBAG characters. One book was for my TBR challenge, which I’m steaming along on.


I submitted three stories this month, with one rejection so far. Having a bit of trouble finishing anything except odd flash pieces. I’ve been having a lot of trouble concentrating so I flit between projects and all of them suffer for it. I’m working on it. But it seems like this is something I’ve worked on without success for years.

No TV or movies or music. Not that my month has been without those things, but it’s the tail-end of summer and nothing has been particularly notable on those fronts. Unless you guys particularly want to hear my thoughts on the really, spectacularly dumb Pegasus episodes of Sailor Moon? (I don’t think I’d ever seen this particular series when I was a kid, and I’m kind of glad, because I’m watching it on Hulu now and it is so terrible. Not that the other series of Sailor Moon are particularly quality examples of sensible storytelling.)


These posts are kind of boring checkpoints, aren’t they? Don’t know if I’ll continue with them in 2016.


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