Top Ten Tuesday: Stuck on the Series


The topic of this Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, is Ten Finished Series I Have YET to Finish.

I’m…not sure if all of these are finished, honestly. There are too many series out there for me to keep up with closely. But here are some that have entries I haven’t read, which I’m trying to get through.

188738231. Mary Robinette Kowal- The Glamourist Histories (the unfinished book being Of Noble Family)

I truly love this series, but the fifth installment is just so long that I haven’t been able to make the time for it yet.

2. Terry Pratchett- Discworld (various)

I don’t like to think of Discworld being done. 😦 But in any case, I still need to get through a few Tiffany Aching books and a few of the other books published in the last decade.

3.  Jo Nesbo- The Harry Hole series (Phantom, Police)

I have no clue if the Harry Hole series is finished or not. It sometimes annoys me how each book pretty much plays to the same beats, and with each book I reach a point where I say I’m going to stop reading. But I still find them so catchy. And I only have two more books to catch up!

4. Robin LaFevers- His Fair Assassin (Dark Triumph, Mortal Heart)

This is the umpteenth list I’ve had these books on. I need to get on it already.

5. Ann Leckie- Imperial Radch (Ancillary Sword, the forthcoming Ancillary Mercy)

I’m currently telling myself that I’m waiting for Ancillary Mercy to come out to inspire me to finish Ancillary Sword. We’ll see how much water that holds soon.

6. Tessa Dare- Spindle Cove

I’m pretty sure this series is finished, since she’s working on the Castles series now. I still have two of the four novels to go, and the novellas/short works (I think there’s two?). I really just started this series, but I adored A Week to be Wicked so much yet at the same time was kind of underwhelmed by its sequelbait, so I think I’ll be putting it on hold for a while.

7. Jim C. Hines- Magic Ex Libris

This series definitely isn’t done, but I only just finished book 2. Got to track down book 3 before book 4

8. Mira Grant (Senan McGuire)- Parisitology

Don’t think this one is finished, but I’m only a few hundred pages into the first book, so I’m behind anyway.

8. Marie Brennan- Memoirs of Lady Trent

I’m pretty sure there’s at least one more entry in this series coming, but seeing as I’ve only read book 1, I’m still playing catch up.

And, rounding it out with two finished (I think) series that I’ve been meaning to start but haven’t yet for one reason or another:

9. Deborah Harkness- All Souls Trilogy

Perhaps since there are witches and such this will be one of my Halloween reads this year

10. Megan Shepard- The Madman’s Daughter

Sitting on my ereader as we speak.



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9 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Stuck on the Series

  1. His Fair Assassin series is a good one! You should pick it up soon. I’ve finally got a copy of The Madman’s Daughter, just have yet to read it. Great list!
    Check out my Top 10

  2. I loved the Spindle Cove series but I think the Castles Ever After series is my favorite of hers so far. My TTT

  3. I’m loving the Magic Ex Libris series too – the first two were amazing and I can’t wait to pick up the next one! 🙂

    Check out my TTT.

    • hlmorris85

      They’re really fun. I have a hard time tracking them down in bookstores, though, and the ebook price is too high for me right now. So I wait.

  4. I didn’t enjoy Ancillary Sword as much as Justice, but I’m still very curious about how Leckie is going to wrap things up in Mercy.

    • hlmorris85

      I just started reading it and I forgot how weird and interesting the world is. So far I’m really into it, though it kind of leaves me confused, too.

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