September Round Up



I finished 11 books in September…and, incidentally, hit 100! I’m working on goals for 2016 will help me read less, because honestly I’m kind of overwhelmed. But this is the earliest in the year I’ve ever hit a hundred reads, so…cool?

Reading Diversely 

7 of the books I read were written by women, 3 by men, and 1 was an anthology of many different writers. One book was nonfiction. The anthology was one of “World SciFi,” so it included translations and people of color, and one other book was written by a non-Westerner.


Sooooooooooo many rejections. Oh my god, you guys. So many rejections.

I’m dealing with some serious impostor system right now, to be totally honest. But rejections do mean that I’m getting my work out there, which is a big step from just a few years ago. So.

I’m still hashing out the novella that I thought would be done by now. It might not quite make it to novella length. But I’m enjoying it. If I could just finish it.

TV Junkie

How. To. Get. Away. With. Murder. Yaaaaaaas, Queen Viola Davis. I am so looking forward to this insane-seeming season.

Also enjoying Fresh Off the Boat. Other than those two shows I’m kind of trying to stay away from TV right now, though.


Wait what no one told me about Hamilton why not? Songs about historical figures are one of my weird things. A fucking hip hop musical about Alexander Hamilton and the Founding Fathers? THIS IS MY JAM.

No, seriously, guys. Go listen to Hamilton. Go now.

The other thing I’ve been listening to nonstop is (of course) Lana Del Rey’s Honeymoon. Perfection.


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