October round up



I finished 9 books in October.

Reading Diversely

Two of the books were nonfiction. Five books were written by women, three by men, and the anthology included various writers. To my knowledge, every book was written by white authors except the authors in that anthology. Three books included QUILTBAG characters…well, a fourth book had a character who was stated to be bi, but that wasn’t really followed up on in any meaningful way (I don’t necessarily need to see characters boning to “prove” they’re queer or anything like that, but in this particular case it was a minor character and a very off-hand mention that felt somewhat forced).


A couple “close but no”s, a couple stories still in sub, a few quick nos, and one acceptance (yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay) that I can’t talk about because I haven’t signed the contract yet.

This month I’ve been participating in a MOOC put together by the Iowa Writer’s Workshop. I’m…still not sure how I feel about it. It’s given me some interesting prompts and projects to work on, but overall I’m feeling quite glad that I ultimately did not go for an MFA. Not that my MA has turned out particularly well for me, but the MFA as I’m seeing it presented feels kind of…hollow, and not at all the writing I want to be doing.

TV Junkie

I finally got around to finishing Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell. It was interesting and visually stunning but the ending was unsatisfying.

I’ve been really enjoying this season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Fresh Off the Boat. That (and my beloved Bob’s Burgers) means I’ve been laughing quite a bit.

And then there’s How to Get Away With Murder. Which…holy shit. It is so hard to keep straight but it is so crazy good. That guy who plays Caleb is quite the eye-candy. I am in love with Conner & Michaela’s friendship. If anyone hurts Oliver I am going to RAGE. Can Wes be next on the murder menu, cause I’m so over his shtick. There are a lot of plates spinning this season, but I’m really excited that soon we’ll find out who shot Annalise (my money’s on Asher, though I am almost definitely wrong). Which is such a weird thing to say. But I think the flashforward mystery has been more interesting this year than last year.

Mix Tape

Hamilton, Hamilton, Hamilton.

Wait, what? You want actual, non-theater music?

Sorry, can’t hear you, “The Room Where It Happens” has been stuck in my head for three days.

(mostly kidding. Believe it or not I do listen to other music. But nothing has been new this month except that Adele song, which…eh, I’m going to hear it approximately 10 billion times in the next three months, I assume, so I’m not that into it right now.)


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