November Round Up



I finished 12 books in November and got a good chunk of a way into a 13th. Thanks, Thanksgiving vacation! (Seriously, airplane travel = epic reading time.) One book was a reread, one was nonfiction, and three were short story compilations with multiple authors- including one I started reading way back in February.

Reading Diversely

Three of the books were multi-author; 4 of the single authors were male, and 4 were female (with one female author being read twice.) I actually probably read more male authors than I would have normally read, because I’m trying to cut down my tbr and I don’t plan to read any male authors next year.

One of the short story compilations was specifically written by diverse authors from around the world. One of the single authors that I’m aware of is a POC. Three of the books featured QUILTBAG characters, and I was kind of pleasantly surprised by that…but at the same time, God am I tired of the Tragic Bisexual.


Things are not great in writer land at the moment.

Sometime soon I’ll be tallying up my submission/rejection stats for the year, which I’, sure you’re all just itching for.

TV Junkie

How To Get Away With Murder is going to be the death of me. Viola Davis is earning that Emmy, and as much of a hot mess as that show is, I have to give it props for how well it crafts such a damaged, unstable, complicated middle-aged female character. Women on TV so rarely get to be this complex, and it is wonderful to watch.

Other than that, I’ve been trying to avoid TV. Really into the true crime show A Crime to Remember lately, and my usual sitcoms and cartoons (Adventure Time‘s Marceline miniseries was amazing, btw), but I honestly am trying to stay away from cable.

Mix Tape

I’ve been listening to a ton of Marina and the Diamonds lately. I know, I know, I’m late to the party. But she’s great.

Also: this song. I am so into this song, it’s ridiculous:


So wow that’s almost it. This year has flown.



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