I wrote a(nother) thing!

So, I didn’t expect this to come so soon on the heels of my last post, but I had a flash piece today up at Daily Science Fiction. It’s called “You’re Doing the Best You Can” and you can read it right here if you so desire.

Lest you think I am suddenly prolific: this is definitely an aberration. I’ve never had two pieces out in one month before, and I don’t really expect it to happen again.

And hello to my new followers. I’m still sort of on hiatus, but who knows? I may be inspired to write a bookish post or review sort of soon.



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2 responses to “I wrote a(nother) thing!

  1. D

    You’re Doing the Best You Can is a very interesting piece! And I have also checked out your other stories. Probably Definetly and We Can Get It to You Yesterday are especially engaging. The first one is almost movie-like (perfect pace, characters are easy to relate to) and I enjoyed both the idea of a new type of delivery and surprise ending of the second.

    Keep it up! 🙂

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