I guess this an eligibility post?

Hi! I am super uncomfortable doing this, but here we go. It’s awards time, and in 2016 I had the good fortune to publish a couple of stories, some of which I even still like. If you are a person who nominates things for stuff (eloquence: I am all about it), here’s the rundown of the short fiction I put out this year, three of which are available in full text online:

You’re Doing The Best You Can” – Daily Science Fiction (February 2016)

“Bone Man and the Sleeping Kings” – The Great Tome of Darkest Horrors and Unspeakable Evils (June 2016)

Ship of Fools” – Unlikely Story- The Journal of Unlikely Observances (June 2016)

Wayfarers“- Luna Station Quarterly (issue 027)

I’m in the process of putting together a list of my favorite fiction of the year, which may end up being a series of Twitter links. What are the best things you’ve read in 2016?



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2 responses to “I guess this an eligibility post?

  1. I added your eligibility post to the list I’m compiling, but I had to really hunt through your website to find your name. Think about including that on your website landing page as well as this post to make it easier for people to find you, perhaps?

    • hlmorris85

      Thanks for the note, Cat. This blog started as only book reviews and wasn’t intended to be an author space, and since I’m only publishing a few stories a year so far I haven’t really figured out what to do on that front…so I totally didn’t even think about my name being visible! I will have to think about reconfiguring this space a bit.

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