I wrote a thing!


My story “The Secret History of the Clockwork King” is in the new issue of Capricious, available now.


Writing is a weird beast.

It takes a lot of work, a lot of practice. A lot of staring into space. A lot of rejection and angst and frustration.

But then, sometimes, it really isn’t that hard at all.

Sometimes, a story falls right out of the sky.

I hate to say this story came to me in a dream, because that’s such a terrible cliché. But. Y’all. It came to me in a dream.

There’s a used bookstore that I used to hang out in when I was in college called Ed McKay’s. They bought back textbooks at a better rate than the school, and they had a free shelf you could take as many books as you wanted from, a godsend to a bookworm living off ten hours of workstudy a week.

So, in this dream, I was back at Ed McKay’s, trawling the shelves. And at some point I turned to the clerk and said “Excuse me, but I think your miracle is defective.”

What miracle? Who knows. But that line was stuck in my head when I woke up. Fortunately, it was Saturday, or I might have gone to work and forgotten all about it. Instead, it stayed. I walked around gnawing at it with my brain for a few hours.

And then I sat down, and started to write, and I didn’t get up until I had finished.

That never happens.

Well, almost never.

But sometimes a story falls right out of the sky, conks you in the head, and screams WRITE ME.

And so you do.

I like “The Secret History of the Clockwork King.” To me, it feels a little bit like an unexpected gift.  I hope you all like it, too.


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