A brief explanation of how I rate books:

DNF– Did not finish. I rarely DNF books, and review them even more rarely, but it does crop up once in awhile.


1 star– I reserve the 1 star for content I find offensive, egregious writing and serious editing errors.


2 star– A book I didn’t like for any number of reasons. Usually, I find 2-star books flat, contrived, cliche, or boring.


3 star– A perfectly good, middle-of-the-road kind of book, one without distracting flaws but just not my cup of tea.


4 star– Here’s where it starts to get tricky. A 4 star is a really good book. One I’ll probably want to reread down the road. But it just doesn’t feel like a 5.


4.5 star– These books are almost perfect, but there’s some issue I can’t work around (a character I don’t like, a dud story an otherwise stellar collection, a cheap twist ending, something along those lines).


5 star– A book that I will absolutely reread, one that inspires me or that I am truly passionate about, with complex characters, strong writing, tension and great pacing.

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