Review Policy

 The best way to see if your book fits my interests is to check out the blog and see what I’ve already reviewed. My Goodreads account also features a much more extensive account of my reading habits.


I will read literary fiction, fantasy, scifi, YA, mystery, crime fiction, and historical nonfiction. In fact, I’ll give most things a chance, but you should know up front I’m not too keen on steampunk, horror, chicklit, or religious fiction.


I do not review self-published books.


If you’d like me to review a book you represent, you can query me at I can accept physical ARCs or  epub compatible ebooks.


As of September, 2015 I am only accepting queries for books forthcoming in 2016.

I review books from NetGalley, my local library, and my own personal collection.


A note for authors:

I believe in honest reviews, not a sanitized and exclusively positive blog. I obviously won’t love every book out there, but I strive to be honest and fair in all of my reviews whether they’re 5-star, 1-star, or anything in between. So authors, please don’t take my reviews personally. I judge only on the work in front of me and my experience with it, and try to explain my likes and dislikes fairly. But in the end I’m just another person on the internet spouting her opinion, and it shouldn’t validate or invalidate you personally in any way.


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